– Smart Series 6.3kW Reverse Cycle Split System
– Built in Wi-Fi so you can control your Air Conditioner remotely
– Control your energy usage with Active Energy Control on the LG ThinQ® app
– Delegate tasks or ask your Air Conditioner questions with Google Assistant
– 10 Year Compressor Parts Warranty for peace of mind

Cooling Capacity (Rating): 6.3kW
Heating Capacity (Rating): 7.3kW
Cooling Capacity Range (min ~ max): 0.9 ~ 7.42
Heating Capacity Range (min ~ max): 0.9 ~ 8.64
Power Input: Cooling: 1,920kW, Heating: 2,235kW
Rated Running Current: Cooling: 8.5A, Heating: 9.9A
EER Cooling: 3.28 W/W
AEER Cooling: 3.26 W/W
COP Heating: 3.26 W/W
ACOP Heating: 3.25 W/W
Air Flow Rate (Indoor, Max/H/M/L): Cooling: 305/268/218/175, Heating: 330/293/238/183
Indoor Noise (dB(A) ± 3) (Sound Pressure Level¹) (H/M/L/S): 49/47/42/34/31
Outdoor Noise (dB(A) ± 3) (Sound Pressure Level¹) (H/M/L/S): Cooling: 54, Heating: 57
Moisture Removal (l/h): 2.5

Set: WS24TWS
Indoor: WS24TWN
Outdoor: WS24TWU

Refrigerant Charge: 1100g
Refrigerant Type: R32
Pre-Charge Lenth: 7.5m
Pipe Run (Min / Max): 3m/30m
Max. Elevation Distance: 15m
Piping Connection Heat Insulation: Both liquid and gas pipes
Circuit Breaker Size: 25 Amps
Additional Refrigerant (g/meter): 20
Refrigerant Control: Electronic Expansion Valve
Outdoor Operating Range (℃ DB): Cooling -15 ~ 48°C, Heating -10 ~ 24°C
Outdoor Operating Range (℃ WB): Heating -10 ~ 18°
Pipe Size Connection (Ø): Liquid: 6.35mm (1/4 inch), Gas: 15.88mm (5/8 inch)
Drain Hose Size (O.D/I.D): 20mm/15mm
Pipe Connection Method (Indoor/Outdoor): Flared/Flared
Outdoor Sound Power Level² (SWL): 66 dB(A)
Outdoor Compressor: Twin Rotary
Outdoor Condenser: Gold

Energy Consumption
Energy Rating (Heating): 2.0 STAR
Energy Rating (Cooling): 2.0 STAR
Power Supply: 1Ph, 220~240V, 50Hz
Power Supply Cable: 3 Core + Earth
Power Supply to Unit: Outdoor
Power and Communication Cable: 4 x 1.0 ( Including Earth)

Indoor (WxHxD): 998 x 345 x 210 mm
Outdoor (WxHxD): 870 x 650 x 330 mm
Indoor (Weight): 12.7kg
Outdoor (Weight): 46kg

Warranty Details: Please see