Cooling Capacity (Rating) 2.6kW
Heating Capacity (Rating) 3.2kW
Cooling Capacity Range (min ~   max) 0.89 ~ 3.70
Heating Capacity Range (min ~   max) 0.89 ~ 5.0
Power Input Cooling: 600kW, Heating: 743kW
Rated Running Current Cooling: 3.0A, Heating: 3.3A
EER Cooling 4.33 W/W
AEER Cooling 4.26 W/W
COP Heating 4.31 W/W
ACOP Heating 4.25 W/W
Air Flow Rate (Indoor,   Max/H/M/L) Cooling: 200/183/150/92, Heating: 208/183/150/108
Indoor Noise (dB(A) ± 3)   (Sound Pressure Level¹) (H/M/L/S) 48/42/37/27/19
Outdoor Noise (dB(A) ± 3)   (Sound Pressure Level¹) (H/M/L/S) Cooling: 49, Heating: 51
Moisture Removal (l/h) 1.1

Indoor WS09TWN
Outdoor WS09TWU

Refrigerant Charge 800g
Refrigerant Type R32
Pre-Charge Lenth 7.5m
Pipe Run (Min / Max) 3m/20m
Max. Elevation Distance 10m
Piping Connection Heat   Insulation Both liquid and gas pipes
Circuit Breaker Size 15 Amps
Additional Refrigerant   (g/meter) 20
Refrigerant Control Electronic Expansion Valve
Outdoor Operating Range (℃ DB) Cooling -15 ~ 48°C, Heating -15 ~ 24°C
Outdoor Operating Range (℃ WB) Heating -15 ~ 18°
Pipe Size Connection (Ø) Liquid: 6.35mm (1/4 inch), Gas: 9.52mm (3/8 inch)
Drain Hose Size (O.D/I.D) 20mm/15mm
Pipe Connection Method   (Indoor/Outdoor) Flared/Flared
Outdoor Sound Power Level²   (SWL) 65 dB(A)
Outdoor Compressor Twin Rotary
Outdoor Condenser Gold

Energy Consumption
Energy Rating (Heating) 5.0 STAR
Energy Rating (Cooling) 4.5 STAR
Power Supply 1Ph, 220~240V, 50Hz
Power Supply Cable 3 Core + Earth
Power Supply to Unit Outdoor
Power and Communication Cable 4 x 1.0 ( Including Earth)

Indoor (WxHxD) 837 x 308 x 189 mm
Outdoor (WxHxD) 770 x 545 x 288 mm
Indoor (Weight) 9.1kg
Outdoor (Weight) 34.1kg

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